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Provisional NKTC Points Scored 2017 from 7 rounds here




2008 Beta Rev3 250 for sale  info here 







Clerk of Course for Trials Seminar is provisionally on Saturday 25th November at 10am ish to 2pm at Eastling Village Hall

you need to email Jamie Clarke  jamie_clarke28@hotmail.com if you wish to register to attend same venue as 3 years ago Sittingbourne





Due to a problem with office updates some areas of this website might not be

quite as it should - will be repairing over next few weeks




                    Sun 16th July Tenterden Man of Kent SE Centre Trial permit directions here   results on Tenterden website

                        Wed 19th July Sidcup evening Trial permit 51028 at Canada Heights    directions here   practice event no results

                        Sun 23rd July  Wobbler trial at Horsmonden   directions here   include fun day section

                               Sun 6th Aug  Barham Charity Trial Regs here

                        Sun 13 Aug Owls club extra NKTC Trial at Sevenoaks Weald  directions here

                        Sun 20 Aug Owls Club Trial with  wobblers at Sevenoaks Weald    directions here

                               Sun 20 Aug Bexleyheath Langmaid Trial at Burwash   directions here

                        Sat 26th Aug Sunbeam Gingerbeards Trial at Horsmonden   directions here

                        Sun 27th Aug Sunbeam Greybeards Trial at Horsmonden     directions here


                        Sun 3rd Sep Folkestone Non Expert Trial at   Stowting woods

                        Sun 10 Sep Bexleyheath NKTC Trial at Burwash   directions here

                        Sun 17th Sep Double Five Wobbler Trial at Chads  directions here

                        Sun 24th Sep Owls club Trial Sevenoaks Weald    directions here

                        Sun 8th Oct Kent & Sussex NKTC at Hourne Farm Crowborough

                        Sun 15th Oct Double Five Wobbler Trial at Chads     directions here

                        Sun 22nd Oct Wobblers at Penshurst   directions here

                        5th Nov Sidcup NKTC Trial Canada Heights       directions here


















The first meeting of the NKTC in 2017 will be held at Metrogas Thursday 20th July 8.30pm


an agenda will be available soon here





Double Five Kent Group trial invite EKTC 9.7.2017


Results here 2 pages  late entries use your rider number to get your results





Erith Group trial provisional results here


There are 2 ordinary meetings for the NKTC in 2017 as follows both 8.30pm start

Thursday 20th July 2017,     Thursday 21st September 2017 and    Thursday 16th November our AGM start 8.00pm

Meetings will finish at 10pm



Steve Lowery is doing London to Brighton bike ride to raise funds for British Heart Foundation

This is for the British heart foundation 18.6.17


The next one is in September 17.9.17


both web addresses will take you to the web pages to donate




Results from the six observed sections for NKTC Trial 9.4.17 here






Double Five Pre65 Air Ambulance Trial Sunday 7th May Permit 50225 regs here


Provisional Results & section scores here updated


 Official Entries at close here

programme here




NKTC Championship Schedule      Aggregates after R2 here  


    Bexleyheath Extra Round 1 at Ash 8th Jan 2017   event run ok

    Sunbeam invite to NKTC round 2 at hook wood 12th Feb 2017 postal invite only  Rider Schedule here    NKTC Prov results here nktc only


    Wickham round 3 at Cowden 12th march 2017 online entry, Kent Youth help Wickham, with observers - programme here rider list here This was a well set out trial  

      with the officials buzzing around to check all was ok especially as rain had been forecast and alterations may have been needed over the slippery roots in places

       Wickham Sections scores by class provisional  here v3 update    class winners provisional  here

    April NKTC Trial only six observers so no points for anyone



Owls round 5 at Penshurst 14th May 2017 online entry 

Program and rider schedule here


Provisional Section Scores/Results part 1 here


Provisional Section Scores/Results part 2 here


Please note that all rider numbers above 28 are for no award or points


    Erith round 6 at Horsmonden 11th June 2017 online entry

    21st June Wed from 4pm Sidcup evening trial - enter on the day only see Sidcup website for more info directions here

    Double Five round 7 at Chads Farm 9th July 2017 online entry invite to EKTC riders

    19th July Wed from 4pm 2nd Sidcup evening trial - enter on the day only see Sidcup website for more info directions here

    No Event at present round 8   13th Aug 2017 online entry

    Bexleyheath round 9 at Burwash 10th Sep 2017

    Kent & Sussex round 10 at Hourne farm 8th Oct 2017 online entry

    Sidcup round 11 at Canada Heights 5th Nov 2017 online entry 

    19th November Beginner & Wobbler trial - see Sidcup website for more info directions here                                                   

    Gravesend round 12 at Horsmonden 10th Dec 2017 online entry

    Wobbler events will appear in above schedule as permits are applied for



To enter events online click on https://members.acu.org.uk to see what is available



Please remember that you cannot ride in your NKTC home clubs trial, you must either volunteer to help lay out the course, assist at the signing on table on the day of the trial or help take all the course markers after the event.

As some clubs have few members you must also observe or offer to help a second NKTC club to set out the course for their event.


The course format for clubs is 4 laps of 10 sections or 3 laps of 15 sections.


We have several clubs who are not blessed with a large membership and without help from NKTC clubs, events

will not be observed and we will not have a meaningful championship. 

Please let the Secretary of each club that you intend to offer your services know by the Wednesday before the week end of the trial

give them a call by phone or message on their email, the online entry system will accept observers at no charge and

other entrants can easily see who else is observing. Any questions contact the Secretary for the event.




For sale Road registered Sprite 250 from 1967 2500 many new parts contact Mr Hemsley 01622 720032













To enter events online click on https://members.acu.org.uk to see what are available




Venue for NKTC Round 2 for 2017 is now at Hook Wood on 12th Feb observers may be needed    regs here


NKTC championship riders need to decide for the Wickham Round in March which class they will ride in the series

use Ash and Hook Wood to decide, you can ride other classes but no points


Please note that the invite to Sunbeam Star Group is postal entry only and NKTC riders need to pre-enter before the closing date for points

you may enter on the day for points on sportsman route and other NKTC rider on the day is for no points.

results will be posted on the nktc website once received








Can all NKTC trophy winners for 2015 season please return them to Dennis Fleet or Paul Taylor as soon as possible

as we need to get them engraved and presented for 2016 winners at Owls round





Observers you are now able to use the online entry system to show your intent to help clubs and there is no cost - just tick the observer box.

if you find you are unable to observe after all you need to phone the event secretary giving plenty of notice.




NKTC Championship Series 2016 please read


The final aggregates for the 2015 NKTC championship are calculated under the usual method of 7 rounds out of 8, riders are not able to ride in their home club event.

Early in 2015 we realised that some smaller clubs were unable to provide enough observers for their event and at a NKTC meeting clubs agreed that riders in the championship would be required to observe or help at one other event as well as their home clubs. As this was introduced mid season it proved too difficult to determine who had observed or helped clubs run their event and we decided that final aggregates for 2015 would be decided as usual.

Final aggregates can be found here

However at our meeting clubs agreed that we would formalise our approach to riders observing and helping clubs who require help. Riders who compete in our championship must observe or help their home clubs event as usual, and must also observe or help other clubs events during the year, each club Secretary will provide after their event, a schedule of observers and helpers which will be published along with the 2016 points. All riders will be able to see on this website where help may be needed. Some clubs may not require help and if you are offering help please check with the club secretary rather than just turn up. No rider will be able to win their championship class if they have not observed or helped at their home club. Most riders have done the right thing and helped clubs to provide observers for their trial and it has allowed us to run a proper championship. We are all going to have to accept that if you ride in the NKTC series you must help/observe as a minimum two trials each year. For the 2016 season we will have 10 points scoring events as we have an invite to the Sunbeam Star Group trial in Feb for points but no awards.

to allow the riders to observe NKTC events 8 of the rounds will count for the final aggregates ie as a minimum you will observe or help at 2 NKTC trials


Also can all riders decide on which class they wish to compete in and stick to it for the year as it will allow clubs to know who they are setting out the course for.


Any questions on this can be discussed at our extra event in Jan run by the Bexleyheath club





To enter events online click on https://members.acu.org.uk to see what are available



Jon Davis is continuing the supply of punch cards and trials stuff


He is the contact for all future orders and enquiries on 07831 417835 or by email to jon.homeside@tesco.net 


Have a look at the current price list here giving details of current stock items that are available for immediate order and dispatch.


We are also looking at adding extra items such as section route markers, once we have the details we will send you an updated price list.


In the meantime if there is anything specific that you are looking for then please feel free to ask for a quotation as we are always looking to expand our range to suit all aspects of Trials and Enduro.


Many thanks,  Jon Davis



It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure a machine and equipment used in competition is mechanically and structurally in a safe condition and fit for the intended purpose. When due to the nature of the competition the machine is ridden on the Public Highway, it is also the responsibility of the rider to ensure compliance with all Road Traffic Act's) requirements.


NKTC Novice Trophy winners 1955 to 2014 here


Clubs or riders who are unsure as to what colour number they should have on the front of their bike at NKTC events view here


Reminder on TSR 11 Riding Numbers must not be defaced / cut down - observers can give you a 5 for it


 Youth A & B are able to ride Twinshock bikes with drum brakes with engines up to 250cc in normal trials.


Green Lane Bike Club for Kent, Surrey & Sussex info here


The NKTC run all our championship events under TSR22B Non-Stop



Bexleyheath Dennis Fleet 01322 446556

                                   Double Five Stephen Westley 01959 575732 stephenwestley@ntlworld.com

                             Joan Westbrook 01424 882162  e-mail pre65plonkers@btinternet.com

                                                                                        OWLS Alan Miles 01892 523454   joycem@talktalk.netcup                           Dick Dickinson 0208 856 7720

Sidcup Jamie Clarke  01634 201268