NKTC Meetings 2008                    Meeting Room address here                                                        

NKTC Meetings 2009                    NKTC Rules  2009  

NKTC Meetings 2010                 NKTC Rules  2010

NKTC Meetings 2011                 NKTC Rules 2011

NKTC Meetings 2012                 NKTC Rules 2012

NKTC Meetings 2013                 NKTC Rules 2013

NKTC Meetings 2014

NKTC Meetings 2015

NKTC Meetings 2016

& Nov all start at 8.30pm and any club member is welcome to come along

 Nov inc AGM.

Minutes from NKTC meetings are published to this website before the next meeting takes place so that the clubs officers and riders have up to date information and can make informed decisions.